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What do you mean – what’s BookRix??????

If you haven’t already discovered BookRix as either a reader or budding author, then you are seriously missing out. Bookrix is a free to join community where readers can access literally thousands of books to read – you’ll be amazed to discover how some of the stories in there aren’t on the top shelves of book shops!

For writers; you can upload your work for peer review and feedback. There are tons of groups on there covering all genres and a special group for young writers where they are encouraged by those that have been there.

The Serious Writers group has over 1400 members, imagine the brain power there. BookRix are now offering a publishing package too which means you can list your book for sale within the community and elsewhere. There are competitions going on all the time so you might even win a prize. Get over to www.bookrix.com and sign up for free now – you’ll be glad that you did!


Getting a publisher – not always the “coup” you think it is! Guest Post by Published Author Valerie Byron

Valerie promoting her book. Click on the picture to visit her website!

I had a huge wake-up call today. Amazon.com is not the caring, welcoming, all-encompassing website I thought it was for those who are published by someone other than Amazon, i.e., a “real” publisher.


I have been published in paperback form. The bad news is, my publisher is in London, England and I am in California, USA. Also bad news – it took them a year to put the book together.

The moment the book went “live” – so did I. I promoted my book to my friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers and had a massive positive response. It seems everyone wanted to buy my book.

The positive? If people went directly the publisher’s website, joined and purchased the book there – in British pounds on their credit card – they would receive the book in less than two weeks.

The negative? If they went to Amazon.com (either in the UK or USA) – they would probably see a notice that says NOT IN STOCK.

I had no idea that Amazon “purchases” newly published books only THREE AT A TIME. So when those three are sold, they are out of stock. In order for them to be prompted to buy more, the prospective purchaser has to order the book, pay for it in advance, and hope he will receive it within the next few weeks.

To me, this is outrageous. Those buyers who might have been excited to buy the book, will probably forget all about it if they can’t buy it right away – which is a lose-lose for the publisher and for the author.

To tell you the truth – apart from the excitement and “prestige” of being published, I am now thinking I would have been better off using Createspace on Amazon, publishing the darned book myself on a print to order basis, and having a continuous flow of books available from Amazon. Even better, I would have received a far higher royalty that way than the measly 20% I get from the publisher.

For those whose dream is to be published, this is something to seriously consider.

Buy No Ordinary Woman by Valerie Byron 

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Going Home on Amazon

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Kim wants what everyone should have; love, safety, security – all the things that make a home. Luke is all a woman could want – on the outside.

The only love that Kim gets, is the kiss of Luke’s fist as he reminds her over and over how much he cares, the secure knowledge that she will spend the rest of her days in pain and the only form of safety she feels is when she is around those like her – the victims.
After seeking a brief reprieve from the harsh reality of her life, Kim returns home to Luke, warring between fear for her sanity and her fear of being alone. But as that door slams shut behind her and she is cut off from the world, the battered and bruised soul within her wonders whether Luke will ever let her find her way back home.

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Well, I’ve Decided to Give WordPress a Whirl!

So we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping to blog each day to keep you up to date on my latest writing escapades and point you in the direction of some other great authors out there! I have been writing for years, but it was stumbling across a site called BookRix that really gave me the impetus that I needed to do something about it. In my short time at BookRix I have made many friends, read great books, learned great things about the craft and won a competition there.

If you’ve got anything to share then I’ll be glad of your input!


57,000 words and counting. Dedicated to Rosemary – Wendy Reakes

57,000 words and counting. Dedicated to Rosemary – Wendy Reakes.

A discussion about chapter lengths by my good friend, Wendy.