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Going Home by Lisa Barnes

Kim wants what everyone should have; love, safety, security – all the things that make a home. Luke is all a woman could want – on the outside.

The only love that Kim gets, is the kiss of Luke’s fist as he reminds her over and over how much he cares, the secure knowledge that she will spend the rest of her days in pain and the only form of safety she feels is when she is around those like her – the victims.
After seeking a brief reprieve from the harsh reality of her life, Kim returns home to Luke, warring between fear for her sanity and her fear of being alone. But as that door slams shut behind her and she is cut off from the world, the battered and bruised soul within her wonders whether Luke will ever let her find her way back home.

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Going Home,February 20, 2012

This review is from: Going Home ~ A Short Story (Kindle Edition)

Powerful story of an abused woman in her everyday life. This story is well paced and is brought to conclusion that on reflection seems the only one possible, yet with a surprise for many readers. Good writing, this story is well suited to readers with short time to read a story that is beautifully rendered about the realities that so many women face.

A thoughtful read,February 17, 2012

Valerie Fee (Los Angeles, California) –

Written in the vernacular of the author – a North of England young wife suffers the sort of emotional and physical abuse from an alcoholic husband that so many others have silently endured. There are no real Halfway Houses for a wife such as Kim. She is stuck in her domestic trap with no seeming way out. Or perhaps there is?

Lisa Barnes delivers a bleak picture of the faithful but battered wife who cannot escape her daily torment. Short, to the point – this is an engaging and poignant story. Five out of five stars for Lisa.

Amazing book and an amazing author,15 Feb 2012

By D.J Kile – Published on Amazon.com

Lisa’s way with words is incredible, this book has its ups and downs and without giving too much away to the reader, its simply a read well worth the money, you would be crazy not to love this book. Looking forward to much more from this author.

Going Home,January 22, 2012

Patrick S. Lee (Southern California, USA)
I can’t give this excellent story’s ending away, but it will surprise the reader and make him/her smile. Sort of.

In an abusive relationship, an oh-so-familiar one to many females, a woman finds herself in…well, an enchanting position. There are many hints at what will happen in the end, yes, but finding out exactly what is a delight. Lisa Barnes, a British writer, has created a story SO worth the purchase and read.


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